Photo of Tara in Prague

Tara Sky was born in Texas to a father who taught her responsibility and hard work and to a mother who taught her to dream. She fell in love with reading at 3 years old, and since she learned to write she hasn’t stopped letter writing with her grandma. She shared her love for reading as a teacher and as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cameroon, West Africa. Tara published her first book in 2015, How to Start and Manage a Crashpad: Turn your mortgage into cash using the airline industry.

Tara’s greatest reading adventure yet has been with her son, Jett, who looks a lot like the boy in Ulani Ukulele. A music lover and ukulele amateur herself, Tara hopes that her first children’s book encourages children of all ages to explore, celebrate and create music.

She lives in Arizona with her husband, 2 sons, and dog, Amie- as well as a Saguaro cactus named Morty. She spends her time biking, playing the ukulele, exploring the outdoors, and mostly chasing around her little ones. Once they start napping in sync, she plans to write another children’s book.