Arbor Day is a time of coming together to celebrate the beauty and importance of trees. It provides an opportunity to instill a love for nature in the hearts of young minds. Recently, the Garden Butterflies and Homeschool Nature Club joined forces to organize a memorable Arbor Day celebration at the Ogden Garden community garden. The highlight of the event was the planting of a vibrant clementine tree. Through shared activities and enthusiastic participation, the children learned about the value of trees and the joy of nurturing life.

A Melody for Our Darling Clementine:
As the sun bathed the garden in warm hues, a group of children gathered around the newly arrived clementine tree. To honor its arrival, we decided to sing a melodious tune in a happier version of “Oh My Darling, Clementine.” Their sweet voices filled the air as they joyfully serenaded their future citrus friend, welcoming it into the garden.

Tree Vinyasa: Connecting with Nature:
Following the musical tribute, the children engaged in a unique activity known as tree vinyasa. Mimicking the graceful movements of trees swaying in the wind, they stretched and reached, connecting with the spirit of the surrounding nature. It was a beautiful way to appreciate the interconnectedness of all living beings and cultivate a sense of harmony and balance.

Special Tree Storytime:
Gathering in a cozy circle on a blanket, the children enjoyed a special tree-themed storytime. Through the story, they learned about the life cycle of trees, their ecological significance, and the immense value they bring to our planet.

Planting and Nurturing the Clementine Tree:
With newfound knowledge and excitement in their hearts, the children eagerly took up their gardening tools and worked together to plant the clementine tree. They carefully dug a hole, took turns massaging the roots, gently placed the tree’s roots into the soil, and lovingly filled it back up, ensuring the tree’s stability. Understanding the importance of water, they took turns watering their newly planted friend.

The Arbor Day celebration at Ogden Garden community garden was an enchanting and educational experience for the Garden Butterflies and Homeschool Nature Club. Through activities like singing to the clementine tree, practicing tree vinyasa, enjoying storytime, and planting the tree together, the children not only learned about the significance of trees but also developed a deep sense of connection to nature. The clementine tree will serve as a living reminder of their shared experience and their commitment to nurturing and preserving the environment. As they watch it grow, blossom, and bear fruit, they will be reminded of the power of collaboration and the positive impact it can make on the world around them.