Ulani is here!

After many months of waiting, delays, and more waiting, Ulani Ukulele (in Hardcover print) is finally here! Ulani made her long journey over from Ninja Print Press in China all the way to the desert of Arizona, where they currently live at my author station! It was difficult to press the “Let’s Print” button, not knowing what we may have missed in our first run at this… I remember asking my husband, Angel, to hold my hand while I clicked the GO button! But I must tell you that she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! The colorful illustrations are even more vibrant and alive in-person and when holding the book in my hands. I just love how the illustrations take up the complete pages. It feels like I could fall into the scene and that is exactly how I wanted the reader to connect with the story, to feel that this story could in fact be theirs too. I’m happy with the 9×9 book size, a little larger than the average children’s book. I’m glad that we chose to enlarge the text to make it easy for all kinds of readers and eye sights. The greatest joy has been witnessing my son grab the book and ask me to read it to him. He LOVES it!!! I wrote this book for him, and for children like him, who love music and the ukulele instrument. Many books have been sent out and warmly received by their new homes, thanks to the many supporters of my pre-launch event last year! She’s at the Library of Congress too, y’all!! It has been incredible to send Ulani out into the world and to hear from those who connect with the story. My favorite review has been from a fellow mama who told me that when she read, “There’s no magic if there’s no you”, her daughter’s eyes lit up. I wrote Ulani Ukulele in hopes of inspiring magic in children like that!

Wrightson Ridge Library Welcomes Ulani to The Collection!

The first library to add Ulani Ukulele to their collection was the Wrightson Ridge K-8 School in Sahuarita, Arizona! Ulani will be joining more libraries soon, but we are happy to announce that this local school was the first library to welcome Ulani to their shelves! It is special to me because my sister-in-law teaches at Wrightson and my nephew attends the school. I truly hope that Ulani inspires students to find their inner magic, and to learn and create music, no matter the instrument!