Happy Love of Reading Week!

This week, it was with great pleasure and pride that I stepped back into the classroom to celebrate Love of Reading Week! Anza Trail School warmly welcomed me to share the story of Ulani Ukulele and to perform a little Hawaiian ditty! I had some really great questions and comments from the 4 classes I had the opportunity to meet!  One class even danced the hula as I serenaded. them. Many students touched a ukulele for the first time, and eyes lit up when I started strumming. I encouraged them to be anything they wanted to be, but that they could be many things, not just one thing. I feel grateful to have had so many experiences of growth and purpose. I am after all a mother, educator, author, small business shop owner, and a proud amateur ukulele player- who sometimes has accompanying hula dancers! Below you will find a recorded live reading of Ulani Ukulele that I made for other Anza students.

Special thanks to Emily Doschier and to all the superheroes who teach Anza Trail students the love of reading all year long!